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Welcome to the world of The Last Knights, our unique "Social Strategy Game"

Social game

The Last Knights is primarily a social game. You fight your wars together with hundreds of countrymen and while you depend on them, their success also depends on you! Good communication, building an efficient organisation and creating an encouraging atmosphere are vital for the success of a country. Stay in touch with your countrymen on IRC and help each other win this game.

Massive multiplayer real-time strategy (mmrts) game

Play with thousands of players in a single game. A lot of things are going on at the same time and even the best thought-over plans need a backup.

Role playing game (RPG)

Play the part of an officer in the army of one of the remaining countries. You are not alone in your country, but only after arranging your personal army you can start to serve your country. Climb the ranks and improve your army and you will climb in the hierarchy of your country until you can play an important role in the defeat of your countries enemies. While a lot of the game depends on teamwork, individual achievements still count.

Online text-based browser game

This is a text-based game, so no it does not have fancy graphics. It can however be played in any modern web browsers from any computer. No download required, just log in and play. While graphic games come and go, text-based games are timeless and can keep players in their grip for years on end.

Serious gaming

The goal of this game is to have fun, and game balance sometimes comes before correctness, however we do care about the historical aspect of the game. Get strong at topography without noticing you are studying it or practise social and leadership skills.

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TLK age 190: Day 4.

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